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Upgraded Muscle Suit with Short Sleeves

Upgraded Muscle Suit with Short Sleeves


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Do you want to transform your body into something that looks more masculine and stronger, while keeping your arms uncovered? This upgraded muscle suit with short sleeves is what you’ve been looking for. This suit can transform your body by giving you muscular shoulders and a nice six pack. You’ll also see that your neck is thicker while it still looks natural and realistic. The suit extends past the belly button, which creates a better transition while wearing pants.

The realistic details

The muscle suit includes details like realistic veins, creases, and wrinkles. The veins are sculpted to have a different hue than the surrounding skin. The veins are most visible in the neck and shoulder area. Upon closer look, you’ll also see that the suit has a very realistic texture that resembles real skin. This makes it look even more realistic from close by. The suit covers your body to below the belly button, your shoulders and a small part of the upper arm.

Comfortable to wear

The muscle suit is made out of medical grade silicone and is easy to use and clean. Since it is made of medical grade silicone, it means that the product uses high-quality and skin-friendly material. This means that this bodysuit ensures you that skin irritations will not occur. Because it is made from silicone, the suit is stretchable and flexible while also skin-tight. This can create the feeling of wearing a second skin. Due to the suit’s high elasticity and anti-deformation, it will stay in good quality even after extensive use.

Wear it how you want

This suit is the perfect option for those who want to cosplay, or wear costumes. You can also use them for photo shoots and films. This suit can be worn for serious purposes or you can use it just for fun.

Customized service

During the molding process, seams were created on the sides of the muscle suit. These seams are slightly visible, but can be removed with our mold line removal service. If you choose for this service, you will receive a product that is seamless and looks more realistic! This service comes with an additional fee and increases the process time of your product. The suit comes in four colors: Natural, Tan, Caucasian or Dark. Choose the one that fits you the most for the best result!







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Reviewed by 22 users

    • 9月 ago

    Just amazing. The seller was very close to me in choosing, advising me on the size and color of the skin. The product fits perfectly, it is soft, the silicone layer is extremely thick and well shaped, perfect for cosplay, I love it!

  • I have bought it for the second time, and felt satisfied this time too! It is very convenient to wear the short sleeve muscle suit and the abdominal muscle is manful! Love it so much, satisfied!

    • 10月 ago

    I was skeptical about using a silicone muscle shirt at first, but it’s made such a difference in my workouts.By the way, it looks fantastic!

  • I’ve been using this silicone muscle shirt for a few weeks now and I’m already seeing results. It’s comfortable enough to wear throughout the day too!

  • Wearing it makes a woman like me feel very masculine. The effect is fine. I am very satisfied with it.

    • 11月 ago

    Very cool! You can transform into a man with full masculinity in a minute and attract a bunch of cute girls. It is very close-fitting. You would not tell that it is fake if you do not have a closer look.

    • 12月 ago

    If you’re struggling to make progress in your workouts, give this silicone muscle shirt a try. It’s easy to use and provides noticeable results.

    • 1年 ago

    This silicone muscle shirt is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals without sacrificing comfort or style. It’s worth every penny!

  • My product just arrived today and I am in tears. I’m a trans guy and I can’t afford top surgery, Your product is so amazing and it makes me feel masculine and helps with my dysphoria. All I can say is THANK YOU! Your company just saved my life

    • 1年 ago

    I bought it for shooting and the final effect is very nice. Becoming a GymRat in a moment, and the item is with high quality.

    • 1年 ago

    I am SO impresed by this!!! It’s amazing!! The material is incredible and it looks so realistic! It’s really heavy when you hold it but you barely notice it when it’s on. Thank you so much!!

    • 1年 ago

    The effect is very realistic and it is in high equality. It is very thoughtful to make the muscle details so real. Satisfied!

    • 1年 ago

    AMAZING product. Looks very realistic, and looks great shirtless, or with a shirt on over it. I am very happy with my purchase.

    • 1年 ago

    The effect is really great and it touches good too, not sticky. Also the skin texture is processed very well, as long as the muscle shape. Very realistic! Cool!

  • I absolutely love it. The skin tone is slightly darker then mine but it still works. Just wish it came in more colours including those for darker skin so that my friends could get it as well!!

    • 1年 ago

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this silicone muscle shirt. It’s soft, stretchy, and provides a flattering fit for people of all body types.

    • 1年 ago

    It is easy to wear after applying some talcum powder, instantly to be a strong man! I was relatively fat, and customer service recommended the suitable size to me, and the effect was just right! Also it can hide some stomach fat, also the elasticity of it is very good. So satisfied!

    • 1年 ago

    Really nice product! Satisfied with the powerful muscle! And it is easy to wear it on , just need to fold it a few times and head first, then hands into, and grab the suit down, then finally make it plain!

    • 1年 ago

    This silicone muscle shirt has quickly become a staple in my workout routine. It’s helped me reach my goals faster and given me more confidence in the gym.

    • 2026年 ago

    I absolutely love it. The skin tone is slightly darker then mine but it still works. Just wish it came in more colours including those for darker skin so that my friends could get it as well!!

    • 2年 ago

    The seller was super kind and helped me to choose the right size and color, it arrived very fast and the product is perfect! I love it so much!!

    • 2年 ago

    Came in a beautiful box. Came up perfectly. But it’s almost impossible to put it on your own. Keep this in mind

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