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Upgraded Muscle Suit with Short Sleeves 3

Upgraded Muscle Suit with Short Sleeves 3


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Do you want to transform your body into something that looks more masculine and stronger, while keeping your arms uncovered? This upgraded muscle suit with short sleeves is what you’ve been looking for. This suit can transform your body by giving you muscular shoulders and a nice six pack. You’ll also see that your neck is thicker while it still looks natural and realistic. The suit extends past the belly button, which creates a better transition while wearing pants.

The realistic details

The muscle suit includes details like realistic veins, creases, and wrinkles. The veins are sculpted to have a different hue than the surrounding skin. The veins are most visible in the neck and shoulder area. Upon closer look, you’ll also see that the suit has a very realistic texture that resembles real skin. This makes it look even more realistic from close by. The suit covers your body to below the belly button, your shoulders and a small part of the upper arm.

Comfortable to wear

The muscle suit is made out of medical grade silicone and is easy to use and clean. Since it is made of medical grade silicone, it means that the product uses high-quality and skin-friendly material. This means that this bodysuit ensures you that skin irritations will not occur. Because it is made from silicone, the suit is stretchable and flexible while also skin-tight. This can create the feeling of wearing a second skin. Due to the suit’s high elasticity and anti-deformation, it will stay in good quality even after extensive use.

Wear it how you want

This suit is the perfect option for those who want to cosplay, or wear costumes. You can also use them for photo shoots and films. This suit can be worn for serious purposes or you can use it just for fun.

Customized service

During the molding process, seams were created on the sides of the muscle suit. These seams are slightly visible, but can be removed with our mold line removal service. If you choose for this service, you will receive a product that is seamless and looks more realistic! This service comes with an additional fee and increases the process time of your product. The suit comes in four colors: Natural, Tan, Caucasian or Dark. Choose the one that fits you the most for the best result!









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  • Very good, but a little too short for the deeper people is

  • ‘m 184 tall girl and it was a little short, but is amazing and adaptable

  • It’s an amazing quality and the delivery time was amazing too . Thank you so much! I am very very glad with this product! – it’s looks very real and the material is also pretty quickly that’s awesome!

  • Excellent quality and incredible level of detail. Highly recommended

  • I can’t recommend this silicone muscle suit enough! It’s helped me build muscle and tone my body faster than any other product on the market.

  • This is just amazing! Love to wear it. Its like second skin 🙂

  • it’s perfect! seller was sweet and was very patient and got my package to me when I was having complications. will definitely buy from this store again! ❤️

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