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May Realistic Silicone Mask 3

May Realistic Silicone Mask 3


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Our masks are made of silicone of the highest quality. The material is realistic in appearance and easy to stretch. It reflects light in the same way as real skin, making these two things difficult to tell apart from. It also counts with punched eyebrows, made of a fiber that resembles real facial hair.

The mask is easy to wear and is perfect for a quick and easy transformation. It also has a high adherence to your natural skin, letting you show some facial expressions through it without the need for adhesives. The eyeholes don’t look too obvious but still allow your eyes to see and be seen.

Using makeup is recommended, as it makes the transition between the silicone and your skin as seamless as possible. We also have several options of pre-applied makeup patterns to make you look even more attractive and feminine. And as an additional feature, it’s worth mentioning that there are also openings on the nostrils and mouth areas. This way, it’s possible for the wearer to breathe, speak and even eat normally.

Female Silicone masks are suitable for any Cross-dresser looking for a fast way of feminizing their faces. Some of us may struggle to find enough time to apply complex feminizing makeup schemes to our faces. In that case, a mask will provide you with an efficient transformation.

Beginners may also benefit from masks because they are still practicing their makeup skills. As such, wearing a silicone mask with pre-applied makeup may be more convincing than the usual methods. In short, this is a good option altogether for the typical Cross-dresser, and even better for those with insecurities about their faces.


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