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H Cup Silicone Breast Forms

H Cup Silicone Breast Forms


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These breast forms are made of top-quality silicone material. It’s highly stretchable, and identical in appearance to real skin. As for the fillings, two options are available. The elastic cotton is light in weight, allowing for longer periods of use while providing realistic stuffing. The silicone gel, on the other hand, is heavier, but much more realistic as it responds to gravity as real breasts would.

The main feature is realism, as the effect is almost seamless. In terms of size, the H cup forms are way bigger than average breasts and will make you look impressive. These forms look, feel and behave like the real thing, and can be worn like a vest. There’s no need to use adhesives like regular forms, making them fast and practical to wear. But besides all of that, it is comfortable and convincing at the same time.

Any cross-dresser can make use of these forms, as they are an effective way of creating a cleavage with little effort. But they are better-suited for plus-size wearers. That’s due to the proportions, as it’s a key to maintaining realism, but they can still look convincing in most people. It’s also a good choice for those who want to exaggerate a little and create an impressive look. Whoever looks at you while wearing one of these will be amazed by the sheer size of them.

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The breast forms come with a long neck part, a sexy collarbone, soft breasts and it has 4 different skin colors from which you can choose. The neck part of this product can be trimmed in order to fit the length of your neck.

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  • Discreet shipping, and well protected my privacy, it touches like the human skin, very comfortable, no bad smell, size is perfect, I like it!

  • Feel so good, and the nice is really nice, the breast form is soft and realistic, also convenient to wear, just apply the baby powder onto the product, the effect is amazing!

  • The tits are very sexy, no matter from outlook and touch, both perfect, and it protect my privacy pretty well. By the way, by the way, it has a beautiful cleavage.

  • The touch is great, like the real boobs. Also the packing box is beautiful. Tropesis has the best service! For my recommendation, I think elastic cotton is nice, it has a realistic touch, the details of skin texture and collarbone is perfect, only the neck is a little long for me.

  • The breast is perfect, it touches soft and stuck to my body, no matter taking photos or hang out with my sis, both wonderful choices, a lot of fans ask for the link, I already told them Tropesis!

  • Very convenient to wear with only a few steps, and also the size and weight are perfect for me, and it is tight to my body. But touch is a little different from the real boob. Even it can not jiggling like the real breast, but it is big and form, easy to buy a bra, my weight and height is 75kg/175cm, I have to say, this boobs is design for me, thank you Tropesis!

  • The breast is perfect, uniform thickness, stuck to my skin, and also the skin texture is realistic, like mine. High quality, cause I feel it like it is my chest, to be a part of me. But baby powder really help me a lot, thanks to customer service, really professional, like this shopping experience so much!

  • I bought it in sale price, but its surprised me,the touch is wonderful, with a little smell, the color is a little dark, and also a little bit sticky, but after apply the baby powder, these problems are solved.
    Other features:
    1. The neck is a little long for me, actually my neck is not short, maybe I do not know how to deal with it
    2. A little tight for me
    3. H cup is really crazy, sexy and jiggle like real boobs
    4. With a bra can not hold it perfectly
    5. Today I finally feel how exciting to be a real sexy and hot woman!

  • Very realistic the breasts are made, either from the appearance or the touch. The details are also handled very well. The collar bone, skin texture etc, are almost the same as the real one. There is also no difference between the color and skin tone. Very exquisite!

  • Satisfied! Next time I would still choose Tropesis! Really like it, as they make every details very realistic!

  • The product does feel real. I didn’t get many suspicious stares when I wore them out on the street.

  • I ordered the H cup silicone breasts and I have to say, I love them. The look and size of them are amazing and the weight of the silicone gives them the perfect bounce when you walk or dance. You can wear them with or without a bra, but a bra is preferable if you’re going to wear them for any length of time due to the weight of the silicone. Either way,, the size of the H cup will definitely turn heads and I’ve gotten plenty of smiles from the guys!

    • 1年 ago

    I bought a lot of products here; the H cup breast form is too real.

  • Shipped to the US quickly, sooner than scheduled – and great quality!

  • The workmanship is really nice! Very realistic and can hardly be found that it is actually fake!

  • This is the second of this product I have purchased. Very satisfied again. I bought the natural color first and now the Caucasian. The Caucasian really isn’t a much lighter tone than the natural, but it is definitely pinker. My skin tone seems to be between the natural and Caucasian, and lighter lol. Hoping an even lighter product is possible in the future, but love both of them that I have now.

  • The material is friendly to the skin and very comfortable to wear. The color is very similar to our skin tone. Besides, after wearing it, the figure is very stylish. It make people feel awesome. I am very satisfied.

  • Wearing it I feel really very comfortable. The customer service is also excellent. They introduced the size of each cup size to me in details, with great patience. Just like so much.

  • I receive the order. They are so beautiful. Tomorrow I’ll try them. Thx so much. So fast delivery and nice box.

  • Try on it today, not bad. Nice color the great upper effect. I like it very much.

  • I have received the product and tried it once and am in love with it. l wore it for hours and really didn’t want to take it off. This is the best on the market.

  • Love H cup❤️❤️ would look great on me

  • I went on a business trip for several days and came back the day before. As soon as I came back, I tried it on. The effect was very good and I love these amazing boobs. They’re so realistic, and what’s more, the details are processed perfectly! Bloodshot, collarbone, nipple, areola, cleavage are done particularly well. Wearing it out to the street, no one cast a suspicious look. Silicone gel filled boobs’ jiggling effect is even better than the real ones. Hope to see more new products from Tropesis!

  • Words can’t describe how perfect those breastplates are!! Feels so soft, beautiful shape, bra is not even required, and very tight on the skin with realistic weight makes you feel it’s just part of your body. Worst part is taking it off as you’ll never want to do that

  • The shape is nice, better than my expectation, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.including the details, no matter skin texture and veins, just like human being!Better than the product I bought before!

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