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Gorilla Latex Mask

Gorilla Latex Mask


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Material: Made of 100% natural latex

Size: Fits most adults.

Uses:various festivals, parties.

Note: If you receive a product with a slight latex smell, you can ventilate the smell

Design points: The cute appearance and realistic effect of the monkey make the gorilla mask more vivid. At a fancy dress party, when you wear this, everyone will be fascinated by this novelty mask and it will be the focus of conversation wherever you go!



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  • The mask is pretty good looking for what you pay.I buy this one cause I do not want the fur will fall off of long time use

  • People seem to smile at me more. They give me candy. I sell more lemonade from my lemonade stand. It must be the mask.

  • Comes very quickly, convenient to wear, breathable, very good

  • I purchased for my halloween party, thanks for the service of buyer, I always get emails about my shipping status timely, everything is perfect

  • The product is same quality as in the product page, thanks to seller, I am satisfied with this purchase

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