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G Cup Silicone Breast Forms

G Cup Silicone Breast Forms


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Tropesis G cup silicone breast forms are the product that helps you transform your upper body, into that of a busty and sexy woman. We specifically designed it to look natural,  lifelike and that it is easy to wear.

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The breast forms come with a long neck part, a sexy collarbone, soft breasts and it has 4 different skin colors from which you can choose. The neck part of this product can be trimmed in order to fit the length of your neck.

Since this product is made from medical grade silicone, they are very elastic which makes them easy to wear for almost all body types.

The standard filling of the breast is elastic cotton filler which is soft and light. You can choose silicone gel filler, which makes the breast feel and move more realistically. Silicone gel filler comes with an additional fee and it increases the weight of the product significantly in comparison with the elastic cotton filler.

Before wearing these breast forms for the first time, wash them with water and regular soap. Apply after cleaning it the inside and outside with baby powder to reduce friction between the skin and silicone. Wear a hair net to prevent hair pulling and put your head through the neck hole. After that put your arms one at a time through the arm holes. Adjust it afterwards and the wearing process is done. Now the fun begins!

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Reviewed by 35 users

    • 10月 ago

    Exquisite packing, really surprised me! The service of discreet shipping keep my privacy in a secret way, and there have a lot of details in the product, no matter the sensitive position and the veins in the skin, they felt vivid. And when I am walking, it keeps shaking. And the attitude of their customer service is very professional and they answer my questions patiently.

    • 10月 ago

    It is so comfortable. I went to the bar at night, and I can’t tell you how excited I was. Still remember how it felt.

  • It is a great breast which is very flexible and does not rip easily, however, the position of the boob is too high, ok I think it is because I am not a tall man, so the final position is higher than other woman. The color is a bit different from my skin, (Asian, nature). What surprised me most is detail of nipples, very convincing and picture does not do it justice.

    • 11月 ago

    I saw the video from tiktok, the final effect is as same as the video

  • This breast form exceeded my expectations indeed. First of all, the skin texture is incredible, even veins and freckles added. I did not expect something that good. The collarbone is super thick and pronounced, more so than others I’ve tried. Overall I would buy these again in a heartbeat, this was my first MTF trying which is soooooo good, I am stunning in this breast form!!!

  • I am considering crossdressing for years, and I decided to go from G cup, and it is in a nice price, Eventually I decided on the E cup. And I’m so happy I did.My E cup breast arrived yesterday, it is impressive cause I can not tell the breast is the real or fake, I choose the silicone inserts and wow they feel real . IM happy With everything, the packaging, the time how fast it was to receive, as I am in America, only 4 days until I got it. Very nice product. And I love the neck it creates a beautiful smooth look. Also I love how the breast basically cling to my body and don’t slide and move about.
    I’m very happy thank you

  • The look of this breast is excellent, and the bounciness and squish of the silicone gel filler is totally worth this price, as I expected, this product is working perfectly for my upcoming Cosplay show, because it can easily be worn directly below an additional breast plate!

  • I was deciding between E and G cup,but as I want to be a attractive woman, so I chose the bigger size, finally the look surprised me! And the weather is getting warm,the sexy collarbone is going to show off, Wonderful!

  • I feel not confident of my flat chest, cause it makes me not feminine, after hesitating for a few days, I made the purchase. The packing box is very nice and the breast keeps perfectly in it. The g cup is a little overweight for me, but the final look is great.And it is jiggling while I am working on the street!

  • Large and realistic indeed, the cleavage is obvious, tight to my skin perfectly!

  • LLLLLLove the realistic texture.These are better than any other brand I’ve used in the past. Because the silicone clings to you, there will be sweat inside.

  • First to say thanks to Tropesis!I really like how soft and bouncy they are. I actually don’t really wear them, I just like them a lot for the comfort they give me when I touch them.

    Though the outer layer of material is very nice and soft, but on the outside parts, it seems it is thicker. For me that takes a little bit away from the experience

    • 1年 ago

    Really great product. Finally something that feels and looks great. Very comfortable, very nice look and you don’t sweat that much in comparison to competition products. I’d only say the nipples could be smaller as this way it requires to wear some nipple patches otherwise it’s visible through cloth …

  • Great breast forms, (natural color, silicone), it fits perfect even I got wide shoulders. I will surly buy again. xxxAne

  • Package has arrived so soon!! The products are amazing, I love them, thank you so much.

  • very good product. The only problem it’s that the silicone take easily the dust

  • I love these forms, they are the best I’ve ever bought! The bounce and jiggle is amazing, they are beautifully formed and look perfect in a balconette bra. They are very easy to get on and off but I never want to take them off and you won’t either. Best of all they feel huge on me making me feel like the busty beauty I love to be. Lastly I love that they come as a crop top cut perfect for staying cool and showing my own tummy!

  • I instantly opened it and tried out the breast forms. I only wore them for 15 minutes but I can already say that they exceed all my ( high ) expectations already. they fit perfectly, they feel incredible and I can’t wait to try them on for real

  • Firstly I’d like to say how amazing your product is!

    It is incredible!

    Well done!

  • The craftsmanship is flawless and I am beyond happy! Shipping was actually pretty quick and I’m pleased with the time for arrival. I will be ordering other products again in the future to complete a look.

    I will attest that baby powder is required otherwise it will be very tough to get it on/off

    • 3年 ago

    It is good, touches like real boob, but a little big and heavy for me.

    • 3年 ago

    Really good. 1. Not greasy 2. Fitting well 3. heavy enough, it indicates that the materials are solid

    • 3年 ago

    It is really make me sad cause my first one missing! So I bought for second time, the quality and softness is same as before!

  • I got my new breastplate and was so blown away! They are so amazing and real looking! The weight, bounce and jiggle is exactly what I was looking for. VERY pleased with my purchase and I plan to order the H soon ! !! Best money I have ever spent

    • 3年 ago

    This product is getting value for money, it is considerable for clients with a discreet shipping, exquisite workmanship, no bad smell, very convenient to wear after washing and applying the baby powder, realistic touch, fantastic!
    After trimming it meeting my needs, by the way, the customer service explain to my questions patiently, make me feel comfortable while chatting, nice!

    • 3年 ago

    After recommendation of the customer service, I tried elastic cotton one, no matter standing or lying, the boobs will always keeping form, and the designing is lifelike, convenient to wear, great value!

  • It touches soft and comfy, I wore it after washing it in the warm water. Very stretchy, I feel good while wearing it, love it!

  • Fast shipping and it smells ok, if you want me to judge from outlook, it is definitely the realistic boob, but a little sticky, but I am ok with it.

  • The fake breast form is very soft and comfortable, I really afraid it will choke me, but to my surprise, I am very satisfied with it, can’t live without it!

  • The final look is great, tight to my body, and also it has a realistic collarbone, very light actually

  • The product is really very good, I like it very much!

    • 4年 ago

    If you do not know how to confirm your size, definitely ask for customer service, they are professional and answered all my questions, and the breast is perfect size for me

  • Looked very mature and elegant woman when I am wearing it, I totally fall in love with this breast! The size is perfect,even my body figure is slightly fat. I am going to wear it in Spring!

  • The tear-drop shape is perfect!

  • Surprisingly, it matches my skin perfectly, feels good to touch it, I like it so much, hope there will more new products can let me have a try!

  • The quality is wonderful, must come from a big manufacture, the skin texture is realistic, really soft, definitely worth a try!

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