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Fake Vagina Pant with Anal Hole 3

Fake Vagina Pant with Anal Hole 3


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These pants are a very effective way of feminizing your crotch. You may use it to hide the most masculine feature of them all, replacing it with something very feminine. This version comes with a detailed belly button. All of that to blend in more efficiently and leave a seamless area where it matters.

The material used here is once again the standard high-quality silicone from most tropesis products. it is stretchable and durable, making the product suited for many different body types. It is also soft and texturized to resemble real skin. The fact that silicone reflects light the same way as it helps with the overall convincing effect.

The main features here must be the sculpted part, which features an anatomically correct replica of female genitalia, also in silicone and still realistic. Once again, you can opt to make it fully penetrable and include a urination pouch.

Personalization options include adding realistic pubic hair and choosing between a variety of skin tones. For this specific version, it’s worth mentioning the enhanced legs and belly parts. They are extended to include a convincing belly button and help you conceal the leg borders with stockings.

It is suitable for cross-dressers who want to take things to a more sexual level. It allows the intercourse to happen both from the front and from behind.

The leg piece works best for those who use garter belts and other similar garments. And the overall size of these pants makes them easy to wear. It’s a great option for those who can’t afford or don’t want a full bodysuit.

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    • 10月 ago

    I was very satisfied with the service agent! she gave me the detailed pictures and professional answers about the products, after I received it, I was shocked because the outlook of the product is very outstanding! What’s more, it comes in a very beautiful box, which is very impressed me, the pant packed well in the box, very nice. After washing it, I can not wait to try it on, unfortunately, it is not very easy, cause I forget to apply the talcum powder, haha. After finishing that, finally it is on my body, comfortable and visually effective, the natural color fits me perfectly, love it so much! thank you love you all!

    • 10月 ago

    This design is incredible! The vagina has been implanted in the pant already! My god I just feel like I am a real woman, so happy to find this treasure store, I have been looking for this pant for a long time, actually I see this from other sellers, but only this one has the best performance on price, highly recommended!

  • A transformative product that changes how I view myself and boosts confidence, very satisfied with it!

  • I found this seller on Tiktok, after considerating for somedays,I decided to get one, it is impressed me, top-notch quality and craftsmanship make this pant worth every penny.I chose caucasion which closed to my skin color, the private part is done very well with a kind of feeling that is basically the same as the structure of a woman, make me very excited, that it was really a new experience in my life, so sexy, worth to buy

  • Awesome how good it feels and how comfy it is! Really great design and finition. So good I don’t even want to put it out

  • the most satisfied is the pant can tucking a bit helps hide the bulge, the urinal tube is a good send for being able to go to the bathroom, but the belly button is a little high for me that I can not line up the pant to mine, and the anal enterance is a little large. Hope this part can be improved, on the whole, I like it, worth a try!

  • very nice shopping, only arrived in a few days, on sale,great value on money! I was concerned it will be a little tight for me, but to my surprise, it is very stretchy and elastic! fit my perfectly! It is a perfect addition to my wardrobe

  • Impressive final look and comfort make this pants a highly recommended choice, A+++!

  • The customer service is really helpful, I wear this everyday, feel like this is part of me, super soft, flexible and so easy to clean. good material

  • It is my first time to try this pant! The customer service offered me the best service! the material is very similar to my skin, after washing and applying the powder, I wear it on, very simple and easy, the urinate tube is a excellent design too!

  • The girdle pant has arrived, thank you, it makes me like a real woman.

  • Your product is wonderful and brilliant! good quality and material! I will buy more in the future!

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