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F Cup Silicone Breast Forms

F Cup Silicone Breast Forms


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This product is perfect for cross-dressers looking for a way to feminize their chests convincingly. Besides being lifelike, you can wear, maintain, and take it off without much effort. It makes it one of the most versatile products on the market. The breasts themselves are positioned in a way that makes them look even more natural. It also has enough coverage to make it appear seamless if you war it right.

The breastplate consists of a vest with breast forms, and it’s made of medical-grade silicone. It makes the product stretchable, lifelike, and durable. Because of that, it fits many different body types. The material is also soft, with textures that match natural skin and reflect light similarly. This high-quality material is used in most of our products.

We can number many other features of this product, besides its top-tier material. We use a silicone gel filling for the breasts to make them respond to gravity, similarly to the real thing. It also includes an extended neckpiece. It helps conceal your adam’s apple, replacing it with a sexy collarbone. Women’s breasts come in various shapes and sizes. “East-West” means that each breast form points towards either one of these sides. As a result, it looks more natural than symmetric ones.

It comes in 4 different colors and has a range of personalization options. It allows you to pick a model that closely matches your needs as a unique cross-dresser. Besides that, for an extra U$ 100, you can add our mold line removal service to make the product look invisible while you wear it.

This product is both versatile and realistic, being ideal for most cases. Many people, such as cross-dressers, trans women, and even cosplayers, can wear it. As long as you’re looking for good cleavage, you can put it to good use and wear revealing clothes or cross-dress during summertime.


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The breast forms come with a long neck part, a sexy collarbone, soft breasts and it has 4 different skin colors from which you can choose. The neck part of this product can be trimmed in order to fit the length of your neck.

The standard filling of the breast is elastic cotton filler which is soft and light. You can choose silicone gel filler, which makes the breast feel and move more realistically. Silicone gel filler comes with an additional fee and it increases the weight of the product significantly in comparison with the elastic cotton filler.

Before wearing these breast forms for the first time, wash them with water and regular soap. Apply after cleaning it the inside and outside with baby powder to reduce friction between the skin and silicone. Wear a hair net to prevent hair pulling and put your head through the neck hole. After that put your arms one at a time through the arm holes. Adjust it afterwards and the wearing process is done. Now the fun begins!

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  • These are great! Shipping was so superfast, only 3 days! Also service from seller was very good. They answered very friendly and fast all my questions. The material and fit is very nice, I chose the upgrade. It is just a great product, I can recommend!

  • Great product and fast shipping. I certainly appreciated the new no-oil silicone material and the thickness gives a lot of confidence in not doing damage, but just the thickness causes a bit of pressure on the neck and reduces bouncing, one of the reasons for joy in choosing the silicone-filled type.

    • 12月 ago

    Generally ok. very thick at the edges, it wont be possible to hide the neck line. The colour is OK but I’m a pasty white person so it’s too uniform to be convincing on my skin.

  • It has exceeded my expectations. It has a great value for the price and have transformed my confidence.

  • very easy to adjust to your desired size and shape. They are customizable to your needs.

  • Very realistic and have a nice weight to them. They feel very natural when worn.

  • I love how it gives me a more hourglass figure. very flattering and comfortable to wear.

  • Very quick in transport, and very well made product. I was a bit worried it wouldnt fit but its really stretchy.

  • Feels great, looks great. at first i thought it was a little small but once i put it on it was just perfect. very happy.

  • Arrived really soon like just in a few days which I didn’t expect but I’m so happy about it! It fits perfectly, looks realistic and the color blends nicely with my skin!

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