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C Cup Silicone Breast Forms

C Cup Silicone Breast Forms


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1.Introduce the material

This high-quality breast forms is made using 100% Medical Grade Silicone. This material is very flexible and durable, making it the perfect choice for a perfect fit, 100% of the time. The medical grade silicone instantly conforms to your body shape, enhancing your figure in all the right places. The silicone gel filling will give you the feeling of having realistic breasts; every jiggle and squeeze will make you feel so womanly.

2. Product features

The breast forms features a new ‘east-west’ shape, giving your bust a more natural look and feel. The wider dimensions of the breasts mimic the look of natural breasts, facilitating a more feminine look.

The breast forms is available in 4 different colors, each suitable for different skin tones.

The high neck line easily covers your Adam’s Apple, enhancing your feminine qualities and features. The high neck also allows the upper edge of the breast forms to sit nicely under your jawline and hairline, camouflaging any minor differences in skin tone and giving the appearance of a naturally female neckline.

3. Suitable for people

These breast forms are suitable for anyone wishing to attain a female bust line instantly. Any crossdresser or female cosplayer will immediately be entranced by their new sexy and feminine outline. These breasts will appear natural and give you the amazing cleavage you’ve always dreamt of seeing when you look down.

Drag performers will also love how these breasts move and bounce just like natural ones! The full coverage of your neck and chest area, along with the snug fit will give you peace of mind; no more risk of a loose breast form or errant chest hair. The stretchy pliable material makes putting them on and off a breeze.

Also, for those transgender women who are still contemplating breast surgery, this breast forms will give you an ideal way of testing a cup size and getting to know yourself with your new assets.

Comparison before and after wearing

Product shows

Before wearing these breast forms for the first time, wash them with water and regular soap. Apply after cleaning it the inside and outside with baby powder to reduce friction between the skin and silicone. Wear a hair net to prevent hair pulling and put your head through the neck hole. After that put your arms one at a time through the arm holes. Adjust it afterwards and the wearing process is done. Now the fun begins!

Illegal operation

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  • I am so grateful for this product. It helps me to fullfill my dreat that I had been struggling with for years.The value of this breast is unbeatable. It is an incredible boob at an affordable price.This product has truly exceeded my expectations!

  • My forms arrived today! I like it very much, I tagged you in the video on Twitter! I can’t wait to start doing expansion stuff.

    • 11月 ago

    The dressing effect is very good and I recommend for tall people to buy C or the bigger one.

  • This silicone breast is perfect, with even thickness skin with can attach to skin perfectly, and it can fit a big guy like me well. The material is skin-friendly and the skin texture is very real, just like my own skin. The breasts are very textured and really feel like the real ones.

  • Its comfort level is quite high. I chose a cup size that is recommended by the customer service agent. It is quite stretchy, which you do not need to worry about causing deformation to the product. Very excellent customer service. Recommend it!

  • The neck position is a little too long, I trimmed it by myself, but the other part I feel is fine.

  • I bought them for shooting. The edges needs to be covered, while the final effect is great! Love it jiggles! I consulted the customer service about the size, and got very detailed answers, thanks!

  • The silicone is soft, the customer agent told me that they used the silicone of medical level, so I can safety use it without any doubts, it is amazing, the final effect is absolutely nice!

  • I buy it from the recommendation from my friends, really nice! It touches soft and comfy, really appreciate for the patient of the customer service agent, it is perfect for my size!

  • I am so satisfied with final look, almost fall in love with myself, the quality is wonderful, attach to my body perfectly, I am going to try more products next time.

  • Product received, very light and convenient, even it is not as big as E cup, but Ifeel elegant and sexy when wearing it,small breast can have same effect with big tits, perfect!

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