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How to copy Olivia Rodrigo’s Gen Z Style for Crossdressing

Olivia Rodrigo has captured the essence of Gen Z fashion with her unique and bold style.

It is characterized by a fusion of vintage, edgy, and playful elements.

She effortlessly combines trendy pieces with nostalgic aesthetics, creating a look that resonates with the Gen Z spirit.

Olivia Rodrigo

Understanding her style is the first step to replicating it.

In this guide, I’ll explore how to emulate Olivia Rodrigo’s Gen Z style while crossdressing and make it your own.

Understanding Olivia Rodrigo’s Style

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is a popular singer-songwriter known for her powerful and emotional lyrics, as well as her unique fashion sense.

As a representative of Gen Z, Rodrigo’s style has influenced many young people, including crossdressers who want to explore fashion outside of traditional gender norms.

Her fashion choices often include oversized graphic tees, distressed denim, plaid skirts, statement jackets, and legwear such as tights, leggings, and fishnets.

3 - How to copy Olivia Rodrigo

Incorporating Olivia Rodrigo’s key fashion pieces into their own outfits allows crossdressers, particularly those belonging to Generation Z, to not only follow Rodrigo’s style but also express their individuality.

By adding these fashion elements, crossdressers can create a unique and fashionable look that represents their personal style and identity.

The influence of Rodrigo’s style on Gen Z crossdressers extends beyond simply copying her outfits to embracing self-expression and breaking gender norms through fashion.

It empowers crossdresser to explore their own creativity and experiment with different styles, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and diverse fashion landscape.

Olivia’s Key Fashion Pieces

Embracing Y2K Nostalgia

Olivia Rodrigo

The Y2K era brought forth a distinctive blend of futuristic aesthetics and playful charm.

To capture Olivia’s essence, consider integrating these Y2K-inspired fashion staples:

Mini Skirts with Bold Patterns

Embrace mini skirts adorned with bold patterns, a hallmark of Y2K fashion.

Opt for vibrant hues and eye-catching prints that radiate confidence.

These skirts not only celebrate femininity but also provide a canvas for self-expression.

Crop Tops: Flaunt Your Midriff

Crop tops were a Y2K sensation, showcasing the perfect balance between chic and daring.

Choose crop tops that highlight your midriff, allowing you to feel empowered and fashionable.

Pair them with high-waisted bottoms for a modern twist.

Platform Shoes for Elevated Style

Elevate your look with platform shoes that encapsulate the Y2K spirit.

These shoes not only add height but also contribute to a bold and edgy appearance.

Opt for colorful or metallic options to truly channel Olivia’s fearless style.

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Tights, Leggings, and Fishnets Galore

Olivia’s affinity for tights, leggings, and fishnets offers crossdressers a range of alluring options.

What’s more, some of these versatile pieces are already integrated into a crossdresser’s wardrobe:

Elegant Tights: Sheer Sophistication

Elegant sheer tights exude sophistication and provide a polished finish to any ensemble.

Whether paired with dresses, skirts, or shorts, they offer a touch of femininity while ensuring comfort and style.

Stylish Leggings: Comfort Meets Fashion

Leggings combine comfort with style, making them a must-have for any crossdresser.

Opt for unique textures, bold colors, and captivating designs that mirror Olivia’s fearless approach to fashion.

Allure of Fishnets: Edgy and Provocative

Fishnet stockings inject an edgy and provocative element into your outfits.

They add a layer of allure while allowing you to experiment with various looks, from vintage glamor to contemporary edge.

Gen Z Color Palette and Olivia Style

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  • Neon green:Athletic shoes, backpacks, tops, sunglasses, belts, and bracelets
  • Electric blue:Denim jackets, sneakers, beanies, backpacks, scarfs, and chunky jewelry
  • Hot pink:Dresses, blazers, sandals, headbands, earrings, and purses
Hot Pink Dresses

Driver’s License Elegance: Mixing Vintage with Modern

Olivia’s ability to blend vintage elements with modern aesthetics is a key aspect of her style.

Apply this principle to crossdressing by pairing classic pieces with contemporary ones.

Consider combining a retro leather jacket with trendy skinny jeans.

This fusion creates a visually appealing ensemble that captures Olivia Rodrigo’s eclectic charm.

Effortless Chic à la “Deja Vu”: Casual Yet Stylish

The casual yet stylish look that Olivia effortlessly portrays in her “Deja Vu” music video can be your inspiration for crossdressing.

Seek out comfortable and versatile pieces that maintain an air of chicness.

High-waisted skirts paired with a tucked-in graphic tee or a denim jumpsuit can exemplify this laid-back yet fashionable approach.

Good 4 U Attitude: Accessorize to Maximize

Accessories are the punctuation marks that complete any outfit, much like the catchy tunes in Olivia’s songs.

Incorporate chunky earrings, layered necklaces, and statement rings to elevate your crossdressing style.

These accessories not only add flair but also reflect the boldness and individuality that Olivia Rodrigo embodies.

Vintage Finds and Sustainable Fashion

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo made a fashion statement when she met the US president, Joe Biden, by wearing a vintage Chanel ensemble that was undeniably fashionable.

This outfit showcased her impeccable taste and ability to seamlessly integrate vintage pieces into her modern style.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia’s style seamlessly integrates vintage pieces with sustainable fashion choices.

Thrift stores and online vintage shops are excellent sources for finding unique garments that align with her style.


Emulate Olivia’s fashion practices by upcycling existing garments in your wardrobe.

Get creative and give new life to old clothes by adding embellishments, altering the fit, or repurposing them into new and unique pieces.

Quality investment pieces

Instead of fast fashion trends, invest in high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Look for well-made clothing from sustainable and ethical brands.

These timeless pieces will not only contribute to a more sustainable approach to fashion but also give your crossdressing style a sophisticated and vintage-inspired edge.

Hairstyle and Makeup

Hairstyle and makeup

Olivia Rodrigo Hairstyles:

Effortless Waves: Olivia often embraces loose, beachy waves that create a relaxed and carefree look.

Achieve this style by using a curling iron to create soft waves, then gently tousle and separate the curls with your fingers.

Messy Buns: Olivia rocks the messy bun look effortlessly.

This hairstyle can be achieved by pulling your hair into a high or low bun and intentionally leaving some loose strands for a relaxed and effortless vibe.

Olivia Rodrigo

Sleek Ponytails: Olivia also loves sleek and polished ponytails.

To achieve this look, gather your hair into a high or low ponytail, ensuring it is smooth and free of any bumps or flyaways.

You can also wrap a small section of hair around the elastic band to add a sophisticated touch.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Makeup Looks

Olivia Rodrigo

“No-Makeup” Makeup: Olivia often showcases a natural and fresh-faced look.

Achieve this by using a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone, applying a touch of blush for a healthy flush, and filling in your eyebrows to frame your face.

Finish off the look with a coat of mascara to enhance your lashes.

Olivia Rodrigo

Bold Eyeshadow: For a more eye-catching makeup look, Olivia occasionally applies bold eyeshadow colors to make her eyes pop.

Experiment with vibrant shades like electric blue, neon green, or hot pink to add a Gen Z edge to your makeup.

Keep the rest of your makeup minimal to let the eyeshadow stand out.

Statement Lip Color: Olivia is also known for sporting bold lip colors, such as rich reds or vibrant pinks.

Choose a lip color that compliments your skin tone and adds a pop of color to your overall look.

Pair it with a simple eye makeup look to let your lips be the focal point.


Olivia Rodrigo

Embracing Olivia Rodrigo’s Gen Z style for crossdressing is a fantastic way to explore fashion and self-expression.

As you embark on your journey to embrace Olivia Rodrigo’s Gen Z style for crossdressing, remember to infuse your personality into every ensemble.

Just as Olivia’s lyrics capture emotions and stories, let your outfits tell tales about your unique identity.

By blending her boldness, vibrancy, and creativity, you’ll create a fashion narrative that’s authentically yours—making you the star of your own runway.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Olivia Rodrigo

Can I still incorporate my personal style while copying Olivia Rodrigo’s look?


Olivia’s style can serve as inspiration, but feel free to add your own flair to create a look that’s uniquely you.

Are there specific accessories that complement Olivia’s Gen Z style?

Yes, accessories like chunky sneakers, layered necklaces, and retro sunglasses can enhance the Gen Z vibe of your outfits.

How can I find sustainable fashion options for crossdressing?

Look for eco-friendly brands, thrift stores, and online vintage shops to find sustainable and unique clothing pieces.