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A Step-By-Step Guide To Elusive Sissygasm 2023

As a sissy, I can assure you that sissification is never complete and so satisfying without experiencing a sissygasm.

I know it is a little challenging to achieve, especially when it is your first time and if you are doing it on your own.

But trust me, it is something you really need to try.

And when you experience it for the first time, you will never look back.

You will never think of experiencing the typical cock ejaculation.

Elusive Sissygasm

Most girls have never experienced sissygasms.

Not because they don’t want to.

But because they believe they can’t or they tried and failed.

If you are one of the most sissies, this article is for you.

I am going to guide you step-by-step on how to achieve an elusive sissygasm.

So read on and try it when you can. And don’t forget to share your experience.

What Is A Sissygasm?

Elusive Sissygasm

Sissygasm is simply a feminine orgasm for sissy girls.

It is an orgasm achieved by sexual stimulation of male extragenital erogenous zones and organs, specifically the anus, rectum, and most importantly, the prostate gland (the sissy’s G-spot).

Naturally, stimulation of the male sexual organ is a must for typical penile ejaculation to occur.

As a sissy, however, the cock is merely an excretion organ – not for sexual pleasure.

And so, you do not need cock stimulation to experience a sissygasm.

In fact, the cock doesn’t have to be erected to achieve sissygasm.

Elusive Sissygasm

To achieve a sissygasm, all you need is to engage in activities that get you sexually aroused.

This could be role-playing, impact play, and sensual domination, among others.

After you’re fully aroused, proceed to the sexual stimulation of your erogenous zones.

Anal penetration

Elusive Sissygasm

Anal penetration, though not a must, is an essential element of the sissygasm.

Remember, as a sissy, your ass is your vagina, and the prostate gland is the G-spot.

And vaginal penetration is a … you know.

Note: As in the typical orgasm, the sissygasm also involves building up sufficient tension inside the body through pleasuring various sensitive parts.

When enough pressure accumulates, the sissy in play reaches climax and gets off (gets an orgasm).

At this point, the sissy may squirt semen, prostrate liquid, and other liquids.

Why Should I Try Sissygasm?

Elusive Sissygasm

Still wondering why you should try sissygasm?

Here’s why

Sissygasm is more pleasurable and exciting than the typical penile ejaculation, for starters.

Achieving a sissygasm requires a lot of tension.

And the more the pressure, the better the release feeling.

In addition, sissygasm brings about all benefits you can get through sexual release and more.

It facilitates the production of feel-good hormones that boosts mood and lessens anxiety, stress, and depression.

As such, it enhances brain health.

Elusive Sissygasm

Sissygasm also enhances the feminine feeling.

Reaching orgasm without cock stimulation brings about the feeling of being the natural girl you truly are.

It enables you to fully explore your femininity and experience what it feels like to be a woman.

This can be beneficial if you’re into temporary or full sissification.

For those looking for complete sissyfication, sissygasm speeds up the process by enhancing self-confidence and boosting the feminine mindset.

It facilitates psychological feminization.

What Does A Sissygasm Feel Like?

Elusive Sissygasm

Well, it is somewhat hard to explain what the sissygasm feels like.

In my experience, sissygasm is double or three times the feeling of typical sexual release or ejaculation.

Sissygasm is typically a full-body orgasm.

You feel the release with nearly every body part, leaving you breathless and your entire body vibrating.

Light before climaxing, you get the feeling you need to pee.

It then fades, and intense pleasure kicks in, which leads to cumming.

As for me, the cum shoots out forcefully across my entire body.

This may not be the case for every girl.

Some say they experience oozing, while others experience partial (not so strong) shoot-out.

Generally, sissygasm comes with a feeling you certainly don’t want to miss.

How To Have A Sissygasm In 5 Steps

Elusive Sissygasm

Below are the basic steps to sissygasm.

While you can be creative and add a few more steps, these steps will most certainly get you to climax and into sissygasm quickly.

Let’s dive in.

Refrain From Masturbating


Masturbation is technically a sexual act and leads to orgasm.

However, jerking off only leads to penile ejaculation.

You do not want that. As a sissy, you want to cum like a girl.

And how will you ever do that when you still use your cock as the primary sexual organ?

Refraining from jerking off eases the process of shifting your erogenous zones to the area around your sissy vagina.

This makes it easy to get aroused by teasing the anal area.

Elusive Sissygasm

Besides, regular masturbation lowers the desire for sex and orgasm.

Naturally, the absence of craving to participate in a sexual act means you will not enjoy it regardless of how hard you try, which translates to a lack of orgasm.

Sissygasm is no different.

As in any other kink, the desire and focus on the action are also the most essential element for the sissygasm.

And refraining from masturbation allows the urge to orgasm to build up.

Remember, the higher the anticipation, the more you can focus and the easier it is to build the required tension for the sissygasm.

Get In The Right Mindset

Elusive Sissygasm

Sissygasm is also more of psychology than physical teasing.

If you’re not into sissygasm psychologically, you will not achieve it no matter how hard you try.

When talking about the right mindset, I refer to anticipating achieving orgasm by stimulating extragenital erogenous zones.

You must forget cock stimulation and typical penile ejaculation and focus on what’s happening on your p-spot and other erogenous organs.

In addition to that, be relaxed and stress-free.

Most importantly, be present in the moment and do not overthink it or have unrealistic expectations.

Remember that sissygasm is a long process that requires patience and commitment.

Having the right mindset does not only help you achieve a pleasurable, first sissygasm sooner.

It also eases the achievement of future sissy-pussy orgasms.

Remember, the first sissygasm is a learning stage.

The brain tests what the new way to orgasm feels like and decides if it should be stored.

If the brain loves the feeling, you will be able to achieve a sissygasmic peak faster the next time you try it.

With the right mindset, I am sure you will enjoy the experience.

This means your brain will store the data about it, which it will use to facilitate the next-time orgasm.

Clean Up & Dress Up

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Dressing up is optional. Cleaning up is not! Both, however, are crucial.

The primary erogenous zones for the sissygasm are around the ass, perineum, and rectum.

(Don’t forget other erogenous zones, including lips and armpits.)

These parts are typically sweaty.

And sweat can be a significant turn-off for you and your partner (if you will be engaging one).

So ensuring you’re clean critical.

I recommend cleaning your entire body thoroughly. If possible, do it in a hot shower.

This will also help you relax.

Still, when cleaning up, be sure to empty and clean your bowels.

You know what’s inside there, of course, and it could be messy, especially if the kink involves anal penetration.

Also, ensure to empty your bladder.

Note that the feeling of peeing right before the sissygasmic peak can become overwhelming and mess up the game if the bladder is full.

Dressing up, on the other hand, helps in setting up the mood.

It triggers arousal for many sissies.

As for me dressing up triggers the desire to experience a sissygasm and boosts anticipation, which is a critical element for a sissygasmic peak.

Prostate Stimulation

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This is the most critical and challenging step for most.

The hardest part is locating the P-spot, though.

Unlike in other typical orgasms, the primary organ for sissygasms (the prostate gland) is located inside the body – right next to the bladder.

This means it is not easily accessible.

While it sits right under the inner wall of the rectum, you can stimulate it by putting a finger or prostate massager in the rectum.

But first, you should locate it so you don’t waste your precious time trying to stimulate insensitive organs.


To locate your p-spot, position yourself for easy anus access.

Slowly insert a finger until you feel a round lump a few inches in.

Apply gentle pressure on the front rectal wall as you push to find the p-spot, creating pleasant sensations on the penis.

Once found, stimulate it with circular or come-hither motions.

Gradually increase pressure and speed. This builds tension.

A sex toy, vibrator, or dildo can also be used.

Gently insert it, pressing the inner wall for penis-linked sensations, indicating the correct spot.

Experiment as tension grows.

Climax will follow, delivering intense satisfaction.

Important: Try to relax your pelvic floor muscles when digging into your rectum with a sex toy or dildo.

Also, use a generous amount of lubricant to prevent skin tears or damage to your rectum’s inner walls.

Water-based lube is highly recommended when it comes to anal play.

Elusive Sissygasm


Achieving a sissygasm, especially for the first time, is not easy at all.

It requires work, patience, and consistency.

If you don’t get it the first time, try again after a while.

Remember that it is a psychological thing. And so, your brain has to learn, re-learn, and perfect it.

If you got it, try again. Keep practicing until it becomes a typical thing to do.

The best thing about practicing is that you do not start from zero the next time you try.

And the more you practice, the more your brain learns and the better you become.


Sissygasm has been defined as near or entirely impossible by many.

I beg to differ. With proper techniques and mindset, you can achieve it sooner than you can expect.

Use the steps I have discussed here and feel it come. Also, remember to stay in the moment.

Focus on the task at hand.

You can also incorporate them with some erotic games to enhance the process.

I also recommend trying different styles, positions, and tools and keeping track of your progress.

Better yet, track your changes and practice more with the techniques and tools that work best for you.