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How to Choose the Best Crossdressing Shapewear for Your Body Type

One of the many challenges faced by crossdressers is to change their figures, in order to either emulate or get rid of curves

1. Corsets and waist cinchers

Most commonly used by MTF crossdressers, they are really useful to create hourglass figures depending on your body type. Of course, this works better for those with at least some body fat around the waist, and I wouldn’t recommend it if you are too skinny. What these garments do is to compress the region of your waist, reallocate body fat and remodel your shape. They are instrumental to hide a belly as well, but they do have a small drawback. This kind of shapewear often covers up a considerable amount of the user’s body, making it harder to use more revealing or sexy outfits such as bikinis and lingeries. There is, however, a way to overcome this: using silicone body suits or vests with your shapewear underneath. They are quite realistic, and usually blend in nicely with your skin, covering up the shapewear and allowing you to dress up as sexy as you want to.

How to Choose the Best Crossdressing Shapewear for Your Body Type

2. Stuffed bras and breastplates

Another crucial part of MTF crossdressing is emulating breasts to complete your feminine figure. There are a lot of options to create this illusion, and many crossdressers develop their own methods, but the most common ones are stuffed bras and realistic silicone breast forms. Regarding bras: those crossdressers that are chubbier might be able to use an underwired Bra (maybe using a few socks as padding), combined with a corset, to create a very convincing figure, while skinnier ones might need to fill up a padded bra to create some volume. Breastplate vests, however, can be worn by almost any body type. They can be filled up with cotton or silicone gel, perfectly emulating the movement and feeling just like real boobs. There are plenty of sizes and colors available, making them quite versatile for a lot of people. Some versions even go down to the belly, being effective to hide additional shapewear that you might be using.

3. Binders

FTM crossdressers want to hide their breasts as much as MTV’s want to emulate them. Luckily, binders can help with top dysphoria by compressing breasts and creating the illusion of a flat chest. However, this might bring the same problems as corsets unless you get a masculine silicone vest to cover it up. Just keep.in mind that if you have big breasts, you should take care to not hurt yourself and choose the size of your binder accordingly.

As binders can end up causing a certain level of discomfort, it’s highly recommended that you protect your nipples properly and avoid excessive chest compressions. If you already have somewhat of a flat figure, you might not even need a binder, as you could use paddings on your clothes or just a silicone vest instead.

How to Choose the Best Crossdressing Shapewear for Your Body Type

4. Hip pads and girdles

Well, we’ve already discussed how to model our waists and reshape our chests, but how about down there, where some of the most critical differences between a man and a woman are located? Well, luckily there are gaffs, girdles, and butt pads! Silicone paddings are really useful and practical to improve your silhouette, and you can fit them into pantyhose to highlight your curves and, of course, your buttocks. The girdles and gaffs, however, usually can be worn as panties, and serve another purpose, more related to your crotch (even though some of them might contain a buffed-up back to highlight your butt as well). They are typically used to tuck down a penis, in the case of MTF crossdressers, or “pack” it for FTMs. With that said, they are useful for basically any body type, As long as you choose the correct size that won’t hurt you (the meaning of this kind of shapewear isn’t compression, but to conceal or emulate the content of the area it covers).

How to Choose the Best Crossdressing Shapewear for Your Body Type