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Different Drag Performers: How to be a Successful Fish Queen

As a drag queen, I can tell you there’s nothing quite like the thrill of performing in a new show.

Whether it’s your debut performance or an experienced veteran, the experience is always exciting – and nerve-wracking! But it can be intimidating and confusing for those who want to break into the world of “fish queens” (performing as fish characters).

Most individuals opt for other drag queen characters due to the amount of work and money that goes into becoming a fish queen. But honestly, it’s just a matter of practice and perfecting the art.

What are fish queens? How do you get started? And more importantly, what does it take to become one?

With these questions in mind, I’m here to share my experiences as an experienced artiste – with tips on how YOU can make your mark as a successful Fish Queen!

Types of drag performances – from club nights to burlesque

Fish Queen

There are different drag performers out there, like faux queens, genderfuck queens, goth queens, and club queens.

To learn more about the drag world, you must be ready to explore by consuming media or visiting shows, burlesques, or nightclubs.

By reading this post, you’re already on the right track because it explores everything you need to know! When I was starting, I tried many nightclubs and made plenty of drag queen friends who ultimately gave me the inspiration I needed.

Meeting different performers helps you decide on the character you want to be.

Fish Queen

I got to learn their mannerism, how they do their makeup, and how they command attention in a room, starting with the walk, which is very crucial if you want to come out as confident and full of energy.

There’s just something about the walk; it brings out the queen’s attitude!

With the art’s evolution, thanks to figures like RuPaul, there’s so much to choose from, from social media, movies, theater performances, nightclubs, and so much more you can learn from.

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By exploring, you get to learn about different types of drag queens. And that way, you can choose the style that suits you best.

I’m sure you want to know more about the fish queen, though; that’s why you’re here, right?

You made the right choice, and you’re definitely in the right place.

Introducing Fish Queen – a rising drag performer on the scene

Drag performer

fish queen is a drag who dresses to look close enough to a real female. For a fish queen, getting into the scene is demanding, requiring you to prepare yourself for the haters and naysayers.

How? Well, it takes a lot of willpower and positive thoughts, only concentrating on the art and having a great support system. Your close friends and family might be your biggest supporters.

Many have started and dropped along the way due to the pressures of haters, but you need to concentrate on the positive to break through into this industry.

My family and close friends give me the extra push I need each time I think of quitting, which might work for you too. Give it a try.

Fish Queen

The fish queen hit the scenes with a bang! Her performance requires more attention to detail, a perfect walk, makeup skills, and excellent costume picking.

I’m quite the explorer and enjoy dressing up, so the fish queen naturally comes to me. No pressure, though; it’s easy to learn and get into character as long as you’re willing to.

Examining how the art of drag has evolved over time

drag queen!

As much as there’re haters, the art has really evolved, and people have embraced it. A lot of awareness and activism have helped drag queens express themselves freely and without a care in the world.

Thanks to the evolution, the industry is no longer in underground clubs, and it’s easier to appreciate the creativity and beauty involved in the art.

Fish Queen

Drag has risen over the years to become a household name with many audiences who enjoy our incredible creativity.

What was once taboo is now embraced, with the new era appreciating the fashion sense and performances like never before, to getting airtime on the mainstream.

So grab some heels, lashes, and a wig, color those lips, and join the party!

Times have changed, and people have become expressive with our performances receiving all the love and following we longed for back in the day.

Thanks to those who went before us, we now have a voice and the freedom to fight for our rights.

Taking a look at the makeup and costumes used in drag shows

Fish Queen

While exploring, paying attention to the different costumes and makeup is very crucial if you want to pull out the look.

Being a fish queen is one of the most challenging looks since you must be as feminine as possible. I have often been mistaken for an actual biological woman when I pull the fish queen performance.

I get compliments on my makeup skills and costumes, which, no doubt, gives my confidence a boost.

Clothing is crucial if you want to achieve the overall fish queen look. Investing in your clothes & jewelry is a no-brainer; your outfit speaks for you, and so honing your style helps you achieve the success you’re looking for.

Fish Queen

Makeup is a must if you want to be successful as a fish drag queen, and hence taking care of your skin should be top in your care routine to have a flawless look. Since we use lots of makeup, skin breakouts are inevitable, and hence taking care of your skin is paramount.

As a fish queen, learning how to apply makeup starts from the basics before perfecting your ultimate look. With time it becomes more accessible and fun; I often get ladies asking me to do their makeup for different events. Practice, practice makes perfect, so yes! I always take up the gigs.

It would be best if you attained the fish look up close. It makes gaining a following on social media and even at your events more accessible.

Understanding the impact of drag performance on society and culture today

Fish Queen

There’s an immense growth of the drag appeal in society, with drag events occasionally happening with children being part of the events.

Well, the clown is known to attend kids’ events and entertain them, But not all kids love the clown, so why not have a glammed-up drag queen read them storybooks? 

There have been many attempts to ban drag queens from appearing in some contexts, especially children. However, a study has shown that drag queens have helped children confused about their sexuality discover themselves earlier in their lives.

Fish Queen

We’re more than just performers; we allow and advocate for people to express themselves; we are catalysts of change.

Our authenticity and artistry inspire many people to embrace who they are, challenging society’s expectations.

Drag queens remind us of how much potential we hold inside and how beautiful diversity is. We live in an era where freedom of expression is really that, so let’s embrace it.

Exploring Fish Queen’s unique style and her approach to her art form

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As I said before, pulling a fish queen look is quite demanding and requires a lot of practice in terms of walking, makeup, outfit, & general appearance.

To serve fish, you must be ready to go the extra mile and get your lashes, heels, wig, and lips & already, including your laughter and talk. Leave them thinking you’re a cis-gendered woman.

A fish queen’s art form is quite expensive to maintain but very satisfying once you hit the runway or stage.

Getting roles as fish queens is often easier than other drag characters, so go for it! You are on the right track to becoming one of the best.


Fish queens are sophisticated and detailed; they would easily pass off as women. It requires a lot of practice & learning to perfect the female illusion.

Many people get mesmerized by the fish drag queens & it’s clear why; I love to believe that achieving a fish look is not just a skill but a talent.

The Drag Race has plenty of fish characters that you can learn from. My all-time favorites are Vivienne Pinay and Kenya Michaels. You can learn a lot from those two if you’re looking to start a career as a fish drag queen.


Fish Queen

In the past, drag queens were for cis gays, but with the evolution, even women have joined & so anyone can do drag.

The only difference is that men are known as queens and women as kings.

There has been a lot of backlash against drag queens, but with all the resilience, it’s no surprise drag has continued to grow with no boundaries, especially now with the advancement of technology; drag is now accessible and is now mainstream.

There’s a range of drag queen forms to pick from, it all depends on what you want to achieve, and if you’re here, it only means you want to learn more about the fish queen. The post will help you get started and become the next big name in the drag world.

Don’t let fear hinder you from reaching your dreams, go ahead & do it afraid and let everything else follow; perfect your skill and start from somewhere.