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Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

For most crossdressers, the most exciting thing is being able to wear a beautiful and colorful bra. It’s that one feminine clothing item that we are all attracted to as crossdressers, especially in the early stages of our crossdressing journey. Every crossdresser remembers their first bra experience because it’s a very special garment when it comes to expressing femininity through fashion. Purchasing your first bra is also a special occasion, and the excitement and thrill of it cannot be put into words.

A bra is a very important and delicate clothing item that must be chosen carefully and handled with care, something that many crossdressers overlook. Choosing wisely means selecting the right size, color, and style from various available options. Additionally, to truly bring out the infinite beauty of a bra, it must be worn with confidence like a diva. As a crossdresser, it is crucial to know how to carry and maintain a bra. A good bra can enhance your femininity, while a bad one can ruin your confidence. In this blog post, I will share some bra tips on how to select and wear bras smartly to achieve a feminine look.

Selecting the Correct Size

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

For beginner crossdressers, choosing the right bra size can be confusing. With so many sizes and different ways of measuring, such as strap size, cup size, and length, it can feel overwhelming. On top of that, different bra styles have different sizes. But if you’re struggling to understand bra size charts and feeling discouraged, don’t worry! Even women find it challenging.

Here are some steps that you can follow to find the correct bra size:

Step 1: Measure your bust size

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

To measure your bust size, place a measuring tape two inches below your nipples, making sure that you are measuring bare skin. The tape should be parallel to the floor. Measure the circumference of your chest and note it down. Avoid inflating or deflating your lungs, as it can give improper measurements. Keep your chest in a neutral position to get the correct size of your bust.

Step 2: Calculate band size

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

To measure your band size, place the tape around your chest, just under your arms and above your nipple area, making sure it’s well placed but not too tight. Take note of the measurement. The band size of the first part of your bra size, which is numeric, and the alphabet indicates cup size in the bra size chart.

Step 3: Calculate cup size

This is the most important part of when you are measuring a bra because this is associated directly with how your body will look as a male-to-female crossdresser. The cup size is obtained when you subtract your band size from your bust size.

For example, if your bust size is 44 and your band size is 40, then the difference would be 4, which would make you a D cup.

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

Your bra size is a combination of band size and cup size. Band size is numeric and cup size is alphabetic. I hope this makes it very clear, and from now onwards, you will not have any problem picking the correct bra size.

Choosing the Bra Style

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

To become an expert crossdresser, it’s essential to pick the best bra style for yourself. There are plenty of options available based on fabrics, occasions, colors, patterns, etc., and as a crossdresser, you must understand all these styles to become the best feminine version of yourself.

I think as a crossdresser you should have fun with your bra and you should try different types of bras because every bra has its own beauty. However, there are very few options for bras made exclusively for crossdressers. If you have a larger bust, don’t shop from regular stores. Instead, you can go with websites that sell plus-size bras or choose a retailer that caters to crossdressers and transgender only. There are so many styles to choose from, so have fun exploring them!

Different types of bra styles that you can choose:

Padded Bra

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

Padded bras are the most suitable, especially for crossdressers, because they can enhance your breasts and also provide you a cleavage. The best part about padded bras is you don’t have to put extra stuff to provide volume to your breast. You can very comfortably have a feminine-looking chest with a padded bra.

Pocket Bra

I think that this is the most popular bra among crossdressers due to its affordability, comfort, and appealing design. The best part about this bra is that you don’t have to stick breast forms on your body, as the bra cups have pockets where you can place your breast forms comfortably. This bra can also provide you with a jiggling effect if you prefer wearing large breast forms.

Underwire Bra

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

If you are someone who wears heavy breast forms, then underwire bras are made for you. Underwire bras can provide great support to your breast because of their design. You can wear an underwire bra under a dress, shirt, or tank top without any discomfort.

Strapless Bra

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

Showing off your bra straps is great fun, but there are times when you need to hide them. For example, if you’re wearing an off-shoulder dress, a strapless bra is a good choice. A strapless bra has a wide bandwidth that provides support without any straps. Make sure to choose the right size for your breasts, as different types of strapless bras are made for different sizes.

Push-up Bra

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

If you are someone who doesn’t like wearing heavy breast forms but wants a bustier look with cleavage, then push-up bras are the best choices for you. Push bra comes with gel or forms padding on the bottom of the cups, which pushes your breast upwards and bring them together, providing you with your natural cleavage.

Selecting Colors and Fabrics

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

When it comes to colors and fabrics in bras, the combinations can be endless. You should try different combinations because there are so many lovely possibilities, and life is too short to wear basic bras. As a crossdresser, it’s important to keep experimenting with different colors, fabrics, and designs to find what works best for you.

Different bras come in different fabrics, such as cotton, satin, lace, nylon, lycra, etc. The fabric you choose is not only important for appearance but can also affect the fit of your clothes. To have a comfortable crossdressing experience, it’s important to choose the perfect material based on the weather conditions, your skin type, and the outfit you plan to wear.

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

Apart from the fabrics, the color of the bra also plays a very important role in feminine clothing. Before putting on a bra, make sure to consider the perfect color combination with your outfit. Wearing an unmatched bra color can ruin your crossdressing experience. There are various color options available, so choose wisely. For instance, colors like orange, dark blue, purple, red, and yellow can go well with most dresses, including white, but only if the bra color matches your complexion. Nude bras can also go well with any dress color, but it’s essential to choose a nude color that matches your skin tone. Choose your bra color and fabric wisely, and have fun with crossdressing.

Wash With Care

Best 5 Crossdressing Bra Tips

Look, these small cute looking bras are very delicate garments so you should maintain them carefully. You can’t go rough when it comes to washing your bras, as it might ruin the stitching, fade colors, and disturb the overall fitting of the bra. These lovely bras should be washed carefully by hand. Avoid using a washing machine because it can tangle the straps and break the hooks. Lastly, air dry the bra and avoid using a machine dryer.

Replace Bra After Expiry Date

Most of you might not know that every bra has an expiry date and it should be replaced on time. A bra last long from 8 to 12 months if you wear it regularly. Crossing the limits of the bra might cause an uncomfortable experience for you. If the bra straps are stretched out, become out of shape, and no longer fit you, then you should not consider wearing that bra, and it’s time for new bra shopping.


Remember, bras are a crucial part of feminine clothing. As crossdressers, if you want to achieve the most feminine look, it’s essential to follow these bra tips to attain the best feminine figure. Now that you know all the crossdressing bra tips, the final tip is never to forget to have fun with your bra. As crossdressers, we are obsessed with bras and always fantasize about having a wardrobe full of bras, I want to know how many bras you have in your wardrobe. Comment down below.