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Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

Thongs are the sexiest underwear you can have in your crossdressing wardrobe. They’re feminine, sexy, comfy, and also reasonably practical. Nowadays, thongs are the most popular choice for ladies, crossdressers, and transgender people. In case you’re not familiar with thongs, they’re basically panties that only provide coverage to the front area. The front part of a thong looks like a triangular cloth patch connected to a waistband and a string that goes between the buttocks, connecting the waistband to the crotch of the garment.

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

As you can tell from the design, thongs are naughty-looking panties that give you a sultry vibe. However, the original design of thongs was quite different from what we have today. We need to delve into their history to understand the beginnings of thongs.

History of Thongs

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

Initially, thongs were designed for men. Native American men used to wear thongs, which were essentially loincloths. Over time, their design evolved, and both men and women wore them. However, even then, thongs weren’t considered underwear because they were pretty large in size, but this trend didn’t stay for a long time.

Evolution in fashion also led to changes in the design of thongs, making them shorter and sexier. The new cheeky design of thongs gained widespread acceptance among women in the 70s and 80s, who started wearing them as bikini bottoms.

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

Nowadays, thongs are widely accepted not only by women but also by crossdressers. And why not? The variety of options available is so feminine and lovely that no crossdresser can resist buying a sexy-looking thong. As a crossdresser, you’ll be overwhelmed by the beauty and design of these feminine thong underwear. So, let’s talk about the different types of thongs you can choose based on your requirements and comfort.

Types of Thongs

G- String

G-Strings are sexy thongs that only cover the front area. The design includes a patch of cloth in the front, supported by a waistband and a very thin string that goes behind via the ass cleavage and attaches to the waistline. These thongs are very lightweight and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. You can wear a G-String under tight pants without worrying about panty lines. Due to its minimal design, the G-String allows your butt to be free, giving you extra curves in the back. With minimal coverage and a bold design, these thongs will make you feel incredibly feminine.

The Cheeky

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

If you’re a bit shy about showing too much, a cheeky thong panty is the perfect choice. The design of cheeky thongs is very feminine, offering coverage at the front while maintaining a flirty vibe at the back by exposing the butt cheeks. In addition to the front coverage, they also provide side coverage with the help of their wider waistbands. Cheeky thongs are like push-up bras for your butt; they lift the butt cheeks and give them extra volume. They’re ideal for crossdressers and transwomen because they provide a perfect combination of coverage and exposure. The best part about cheeky thongs is that they come in lovely feminine colors and fabrics you crave as a crossdresser.

The Rio

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

As the name suggests, Rio thongs gained popularity from Rio de Janeiro’s beaches. Rio thongs are 2-in-1 panties worn as a thong and bikini bottoms. Regarding design, Rio thongs provide good coverage from the front while exposing the back. The significant difference between cheeky thongs and Rio thongs is that Rio thongs have thin waistbands compared to cheeky thongs. If you still need to understand what I’m talking about, check out the music video of Pablo Vittar, where she’s dancing in a Rio thong.

C- String

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

A c-String is an extension of a G-String but doesn’t have a waistband. It provides minimal coverage to the crotch from the front, and the front part is attached with a thin, flexible wired string that goes inside the butt crack to prevent it from falling. It’s called a C-String because the shape of these thongs resembles a “C.”

These are the most revealing thongs, and you should only wear them if you feel comfortable. Some marketplaces sell C-Strings exclusively for crossdressers and transgender people. So, if you’re considering buying one, shop from stores that cater specifically to crossdressers and transgender people.

V- String

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

V-Strings are the sassiest-looking thongs with a cloth attached in a V shape both in the front and back. Just picture two V-shaped fabrics parallel to each other, connected by a very thin string—that’s what a V-String is. V-Strings are a much better option than G-Strings because they are less stiff and fit very well. With their minimal coverage of the butt cheeks, V-Strings will boost your confidence as a crossdresser and make you look even sexier.

Tanga Brief

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

The design of tanga briefs is so crossdresser-friendly because they provide proper coverage to the crotch area in the front and have slightly more coverage in the back as well. If you haven’t worn thongs before, tanga briefs are a great starting point because they are more comfortable and less revealing.

Benefits of Thongs

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of thongs is the benefits they provide besides looking sexy on the body. Here are some benefits you’ll get from wearing thongs.

Comfort is the main factor driving the popularity of thongs. They are available in various fabrics and designs, allowing you to choose what feels most comfortable. Thongs provide better movement due to their stretchy fabric and minimal design, and they feel incredibly lightweight, almost as if you’re wearing nothing at all.

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

Whether wearing a bodycon dress, tight yoga pants, or booty shorts, thongs will take care of any visible panty lines. The design of the thongs fits the skin so well that it looks like you’re not wearing anything underneath the dress. Thong panties have seamless edges, ensuring that no panty lines are visible.

Thongs are unlike any other regular underwear. They can make you feel sexy and feminine as a crossdresser instantly. When you wear a thong, it boosts your confidence and gives you a sexually appealing look.

Thongs also help enhance your butt and showcase the natural shape of your hips when you squat, kneel, or bend.

Thongs are very summer-friendly. Due to their minimalistic design, there is always space for air to circulate, providing sweat relief down there, especially during summer.

Drawbacks of Thongs

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

Everything about thongs is excellent—they are beautiful, look sexy, and accentuate feminine features. However, it’s essential to be aware of some drawbacks of thongs as a crossdresser.

While most crossdressers find thongs very comfortable and easy to wear, some testimonials indicate thin strings can cause irritation if worn for extended periods. This is more common among crossdressers who are larger in size and wear tight-fitting thongs.

Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

For some crossdressing individuals with larger penis, it can be challenging to wear thongs because their small design may not provide enough coverage.

Due to the placement of the thong string between the buttocks, bacterial infections are possible. The constant string rubbing against the delicate skin can lead to itching and potential skin infections.

Wearing a tight thong can create indentations on the skin, which can be unpleasant in appearance. If you prefer to avoid such indentations, it’s advisable to choose full-coverage panties instead of thongs.

Before purchasing thong panties, it’s essential to measure your size accurately. If possible, try to buy from stores that specifically cater to crossdressers. If you don’t have access to crossdresser stores and are picking thongs from the women’s section, it’s recommended to choose a size one or two sizes larger due to obvious reasons.

Thongs are primarily designed for aesthetic appeal and may have less practical utility. Keep in mind that thongs are not everyday underwear. So always keep a variety of panties in your wardrobe since thongs may not be suitable for every occasion or for wearing underneath every type of clothing.

If you want comfy thongs, go for ones made of cotton fabric. You can wear them more often. Save the lacy or sheer ones for those special nights.


Everything You Need to Know About Thongs as a Crossdresser

A thong is a super feminine and magical underwear that can instantly boost your confidence and add excitement when wearing feminine clothes. Not only that, thongs have incredible benefits like their lightweight and minimalistic design, fantastic fit, and a wide range of fabrics and colors, all combining to make thongs amazing garments.

Thongs have come a long way since their inception, evolving from knee-length styles to V-strings and continually becoming sexier and more provocative over time. As a crossdresser, embracing the thong lifestyle is a must, and having a variety of these lovely panties in your wardrobe is a must-have.