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Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

One of the biggest perks of being a crossdresser is experiencing the exciting sissygasm.

Essentially, a sissygasm is a hands-free orgasm achieved without touching the penis.

Many crossdressers enjoy the sissygasm because it makes them feel more feminine, unlike the masculine form of orgasm achieved through penile stimulation or insertive sex.

Instead, they prefer to be the receptive partner, feeling controlled in the bedroom like a sissy.

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

There are various ways to achieve sissygasms, and because it is a more advanced form of orgasm, it requires proper sissy training and toys that are only made for sissygasms.

Before moving forward, let’s understand what sissy training toys are.

What are Sissy Training Toys?

Sissy training toys are tools designed to help crossdressers reach the sissygasm.

There are various types of toys, each with unique characteristics and techniques to explore the sissygasm differently.

Achieving a sissygasm is a process that requires proper training and preparation, and these toys are designed with that in mind.

Using sissy training toys not only helps you feel feminine and achieve sissygasm, but various other benefits are significant.

Benefits of Sissy Training Toys

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

Sissy training toys can be a helpful tool for crossdressers to explore their sexuality, whether before or after coming out.

These toys are a great way to experiment with different sensations and discover your sexual preferences.

Also, experimenting with multiple sissy training toys helps you find new fantasies.

We all know that sexual release is one of the most effective ways of dealing with stress, and sissy training toys provide a great way to achieve this in the comfort of your own space without the need for a partner.

During those lonely nights, you can use sissy training toys to lighten the mood without needing a partner.

Orgasms are a crucial part of life, and everyone should be able to experience them regardless of their sexual preferences.

For every different type of sissygasm, there is a specific toy for it, and in this blog post, we will talk about different sissy-training toys to achieve exciting sissygasms.

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys

Butt Plugs

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

A Butt plug is a beautiful-looking sissy toy designed to be inserted in your butt or rectum.

Butt plugs are shorter than dildos and shaped like a teardrop with a wider base so they won’t get lost inside the rectum.

You can insert the butt plug inside your anus to stimulate the various nerve endings inside your butt to have an ecstatic sissygasm.

Many sissies use butt plugs in public under their panties to have a continuous feeling of fullness.

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

How to use butt plugs?

Butt plugs are beginner friendly and very easy to use.

However, it’s important to note that some initial preparation goes in before using butt plugs, such as cleaning your anal area properly, using sufficient lubrication, and handling with care.

Varieties of butt plugs

Butt plugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. They can be made of glass, silicone, and other materials.

Some butt plugs even have built-in vibrators that can be controlled remotely. You can choose the one that suits your preferences the best.

Some popularly used butt plugs are:

Silicone Butt Plug

Remote Control Butt Plug

Glass Butt Plug


Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

Dildos are a popular choice among sissies as they are designed to resemble a natural penis in shape and size.

Unlike butt plugs, dildos can be used for both in and out movements.

Moreover, dildos can also be used for prostate stimulation as they are long enough to reach up to the prostate area, while butt plugs are generally too small for this purpose.

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

How to use a dildo?

Just like butt plugs, some things must be considered before using a dildo.

If you are using it solo, ensure it has a flat end so it won’t get stuck inside the rectum.

Losing your anal muscles with butt plugs is essential before inserting a dildo.

Start with small dildos and gradually move to bigger ones. Be slow and gentle during the process of using a dildo.

If your partner will use a dildo on you, have a conversation with them before starting intercourse, and don’t forget to use lots of lube.

Types of dildos

There are various types of dildos available in the market based on shapes, sizes, colors, etc.

Here are some dildo types which you can use according to your preference.

Hard Dildos & Soft Dildos

Realistic Dildos

Strap-on Dildos

Vibrating Dildos

Double-Ended Dildos

Cock Cages or Chastity Cages

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

It can be difficult for most sissies to resist touching the penis during sexual activities, which is where cock cages or chastity cages come in.

These cages are designed to prevent your penis from fully erecting and restrict you from touching it.

They can be beneficial in keeping you from masturbating and saving your excitement for the sissygasm.

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

How to use a chastity cage?

Before purchasing a chastity cage, it is essential to check its material and instructions for use, as each cage has its functionality.

Additionally, selecting the proper size is crucial for chastity cages.

To determine the correct size, measure your penis when flaccid and choose a cage accordingly.

Shaving your genital area and following the user manual carefully are also essential to ensure a smooth and safe experience.

Before using the chastity cage to avoid hurting yourself, take your time to understand everything.

Varieties of chastity based on brands

DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity

CB-6000 Chastity Cage

Man Cage Large Plastic Chastity Cage

Man Cage Silicone Chastity Cage

Oxballs Full Coverage Male Chastity Cage

Chastity Belts

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

Similar to cock cages, chastity belts are another tool used to lock your sissy penis, but they have a completely different design compared to chastity cages.

Chastity belts are essentially designed like underwear that you can wear to restrict yourself from engaging in masturbation.

Various types of chastity belts are available, classified based on the materials used in manufacturing, size, shape, and utility.

Some chastity belts even come with built-in butt plugs, cock rings, and vibrating features to provide additional stimulation.

How to use chastity belts?

Many types of chastity belts are made of different materials and styles, and it’s essential to read the instruction manual before proceeding with your fantasies.

Buying chastity toys from reputable companies that ensure safety and quality is recommended.

Clean your chastity belt before and after use to avoid the risk of sexual diseases and infections.


Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

Vibrators, as the name suggests, are toys that vibrate and can be used to stimulate the anal nerve endings and prostate, leading to a pleasurable sissygasm.

They are typically longer than butt plugs, allowing deep penetration and satisfying orgasm.

There are different types of vibrators available, each with unique features that can enhance your orgasm and make you feel feminine during your private moments.

However, like every other sex toy, there is a procedure that you should follow to use them safely.

How to use anal vibrators?

Always remember to use lubrication when engaging in anal play with vibrators.

It will ensure a smoother and more comfortable experience without any consequences.

Take your time and proceed slowly during the process.

Start using smaller butt plugs to loosen your anal muscles before moving on to larger ones.

Properly cleaning the inside of your anus through douching is also crucial before using a vibrator, as it will be inserted deeply, and you don’t want any unnecessary mess on your bed.

Also, carefully read the user manual of the vibrator you have, as each vibrator has specific instructions and specifications.

Types of Vibrators

Wand Massager

P-spot Vibrators

Cock Ring Vibrators

Bullet or Finger Vibrators

Anal Beads

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

Anal beads are a series of balls connected through a chord that can be inserted into the anus to create various sensations.

They are suitable for solo play and can be enjoyed with a partner.

With their unique design, anal beads are perfect for sissies who want to experience multiple orgasms.

Longer anal beads can be used to stimulate the prostate also.

Safety tips for anal beads

Start by applying a good amount of lubricant to the anal opening and the beads for smoother and more effective action.

Take your time and go slowly when inserting and removing the beads.

All the anal beads come with a handle or a loop at the end.

Be mindful of the handle or loop at the end of the beads, as it allows for safe and easy removal.

Avoid pushing the beads beyond your comfort limits; take a break if you ever feel uncomfortable.

By following these guidelines, you can safely enjoy the pleasure of anal beads.

Types of anal beads

Smooth Beads

Vibrating Anal Beads

Flexible Anal Beads

Fixed Anal Beads

Bondage Gear

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

Bondage sex is the sex in which the sissy is tied or restrained to increase sexual pleasure.

The tools for restraining the partner are called bondage gear, such as handcuffs, whips, ropes, etc.

Bondage gear is all about restarting and tying your partner to show dominance, and using bondage gear involve certain risks, and it is crucial to prioritize safety and care.

Safety precautions for bondage gear

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

Before using bondage gear, you and your partner must properly understand bondage sex.

Ensure effective communication with your partner and establish limits and boundaries before starting.

Keep in mind that the purpose is to experience sexual pleasure and avoid any actions that could be harmful or life-threatening.

Take it slow and gradually progress through the process.

Prepare your body to handle potential discomfort and progressively increase your involvement.

Bondage sex and the tools involved can physically and mentally affect the partner, so aftercare is essential.

Have an after-sex conversation with your partner and take the necessary steps.

Different types of Bondage gear have different impacts, providing other forms of pleasure, so let’s talk about different types of bondage gear.

Types of bondage gears



Ball Gags.


Impact Bondage Gear

Spreader Bar


Sissy Clothing

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

You can’t achieve a sissygasm if you are not feeling feminine, and we all know that dresses play a very important role in making you feel feminine.

As a sissy, you should always wear something adorable and sexy before proceeding.

Not only will this make you feel feminine, but it also sets the mood for your partner.

So choose dresses which are sultry but at the same time comfortable, to have a better experience in bed.

Types of dresses for sissies in bed


Bra and Panties


Roleplay Costumes

Breast Forms

Top 9 Sissy Training Toys for an Exciting and Fulfilling Experience

Breast forms are incredibly feminine and can enhance the sissy experience while preparing for a sissygasm.

They not only make you look sexier and more feminine but also set the mood for your partner, especially silicone breast forms, because they look very realistic.

You can choose from various breast forms available on Roanyer based on your size and requirements.

Wearing breast forms as a sissy gives your partner something extra to play with, leading to a more satisfying sexual experience for them and a fulfilling sissygasm for you.

How to Choose the Right Sissy Training Toy

As a sissy, safety should be your top priority when purchasing sex toys.

Always buy from reputable marketplaces and choose products from well-established brands or companies with a satisfied customer base.

It’s crucial to avoid purchasing from new or unknown companies, as sex toys are intimate items, and safety is essential.

Once you have ensured safety, it’s essential to consider your and your partner’s preferences when selecting a sex toy.

Additionally, assessing whether you are comfortable and capable of using the toy effectively is important.

Understanding the functionality and purpose of the toy is essential before making a purchase.

It is recommended to start small and take it slow initially.

Always remember to enjoy the process of sissy training, as the process has more fun than the climax.


Sexual fantasies and kinks are natural and normal aspects of human life.

As a sissy, it’s important not to feel ashamed of them.

Just as you embrace your femininity, you should also embrace your sexual fantasies.

Don’t hesitate to try new things and explore different aspects of your body.

This not only promotes sexual health but also strengthens your mental well-being and self-awareness.

Understanding new pleasure points in your body, similar to meditation, brings you closer to yourself.

However, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and approach these experiences responsibly.

Take care of your body and enjoy the boundless sissygasms that await you.