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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for a Crossdresser (or Yourself!)

How are you today darlings? Excited for the coming Christmas? If you are a fan of this time of the year like me and are wondering what to give to someone or yourself, then you have to keep reading!

Thinking about a gift for someone you love can be a stressful situation. Especially if you want that person to love what you are giving them. That’s why in this post you are going to find some ideas to help you out! These ideas are meant for a crossdresser. Whether you love someone who crossdress or you do it yourself, this post is for you.

Whoever receives an item from this list is sure going to love it! Be honest, who doesn’t love receiving gifts? It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Even more when representing being supportive. Let’s get on with these ideas and add to the festive mood this Christmas!


Best Christmas Gift Ideas for a Crossdresser (or Yourself!)

Everyone who enjoys the pleasure of wearing panties will sure love some as gifts. It’s a gift that will hit the bullseye! Underwear is always in need so you can’t be wrong with this. Panties represent feminine feelings at the most basic. If you don’t know the first thing about panties, don’t worry, I’m here to help. To start, don’t get anything with little fabric. Thongs and g-strings are hard to guess the correct size due to the male parts. You should go for something more like a cheekini, bikini, or high-waisted style. These styles are much more comfortable and easy to buy. If you know about any personal preferences regarding fabrics then you should take it into account. Remember that materials like cotton and nylon are easier to fit and more flexible. Lace and velvet are fabrics a bit more rigid, so be careful when choosing the size. If you have any more questions, there’s a previous article here.


If you want to step up the previous gift, you may want to try with lingerie. A full set of bra, panties, garter belt and stockings is a gift sure to leave an impression! A better suited gift for your partner I, but you can also gift these to a friend. If you think your significant other is going to love a lingerie set, you may try buying a matching one for you! Sharing the experience as a couple is going to lead to a very special Christmas’ Eve.


Another great idea is to gift a dress. A feminine piece of clothing with plenty of styles to choose from, but you must consider very well the type of body the person has. To make sure the gift aces it, you must have at least an idea of their measurements. Also, try looking for something that enhances feminine features like an A-line cut style or a ruffled one. You know the taste better than I for sure! And if you don’t, it may be a great opportunity to bring the subject up. Showing enthusiasm for others` interests is always a welcoming gesture.

Breast forms

If you are planning to go the extra mile, then breast forms is the way to go. This gift will help anyone who crossdress feel what’s to go through puberty in an instant. Be mindful that this gift should come with a bra for the support needed. It is a very unique gift but you must be sure it is something that the person desires. For instance, what size of breast would like to try or what’s the intended use for them. If you are down with this idea, I suggest browsing through here to choose the best breast forms!


If you know that the one that’s receiving the gift is planning to start waist training then this is the way to go. It is a very particular item as a gift so, here are my two cents. First, it is a very feminine piece of clothing that is sure to hit the spot. Nonetheless, you must consider how much into waist-training the person is. If that’s the case, then you must know the measurements. I suggest an underbust corset for a safer bet. Finally, if it’s a first-timer, I recommend buying one more focused on improving posture. It will not only meet the requirements as a feminine garment but also it will help keep a healthy spine! In this world that we are sitting most of the time, it is an item that represents literal and metaphorical support. When you are looking for a corset, be sure to ask for customer support. They are well experienced on the subject and are capable of guiding through the selections available. You can look for some of my favorites here.


There’s nothing that says comfort like some nice pajamas. Embodying femininity and comfort, it’s a gift sure to speak directly to their heart. Representing a comfy, warm and trustworthy feeling, you can’t be wrong with a nice pajama. There are many styles to choose from like sleepshirts, camis, slips, or long PJ sets. Ideal for a cozy movie night in, it’s a great way to show support and companionship. Look for a suitable style and spend a nice Christmas in matching pajamas!


Another great idea for a gift is a couple of heels. You need to really know the person if you are going for this option. It’s not only about choosing the correct style but also the size. Shoes are a very personal item that reflects one’s personal style at its most basics. It’s fundamental. This means that you have to be very careful when choosing what shoe to buy. Unless you know a specific model that is. And even then, you must know the size. Take into account that ‘’men’s’’ and ‘’women’s’’ shoes usually have different sizes. Check the sizing chart to choose the correct ones. One more thing: besides being sexy and beautiful, 5 or 6-inches heels are not for everyone. At least not at first, so if you are buying heeled shoes for a first timer, make sure they aren’t sky high. Keep it between 2 or 3 inches high.

Make-up, perfumes, and more!

Make-up and perfume related products are something that can’t be missing in any crossdresser bathroom. A feminine fragrance has a particular effect on our brains. Moreover, we relate the perfume to a particular feeling of comfort and sexiness. And make-up of course is another thing that will help anyone feel more feminine. Whether it’s lipstick, mascara, brushes or a full kit, make-up is a wonderful gift. To go with it, you can look for a make-up bag or a kit including perfume and some make-up. The more thought and customization you put into it will make it even a better gift! I believe it is a very intimate gift that can deepen your relationship.

If you know how to apply make-up, you can teach that person how to do it or you can both learn together. Sharing the experience and showing support is always the best gift!

Spa day

This idea is meant as an experience as a whole. You can go together for full day of caring treatment at a spa. Of course, the person intended for this gift must be comfortable going out or ready to start. If that’s the case, then you can relax together in a safe place as royalty! But if going out is out of question, then grooming accessories are a great alternative. Products intended to keep the body shaved and smooth or hydrating creams for the hands. There are a lot of options in the cosmetic world for you to choose from. A full facial treatment kit is another great option. Try to emulate the experience of a spa day together if any of you is ready for an outing. Take your time and feel comfortable together.

Acceptance and Company

Last but not least, a loving and caring relationship is the most wonderful gift of all. Having one to share this lifestyle is the most amazing feeling. All the ideas before are just some ways you can materialize how much you love and accept the one you love. We all love receiving gifts and especially when it represents sharing something intimate like this. Remember always support the ones you love and you sure be spending the most wonderful Christmas this year! So, however you represent your love and respect for that person remember that company and acceptance is the best of them all!

These are just some of the ideas for a gift if you have a crossdresser in mind. Whether you think it’s time to buy yourself a gift or want to show love and support for a crossdresser you know, I’m sure that there is something here that is perfect for this Christmas. Remember to enjoy spending time with the ones you love during these festivities whenever possible! Showing you love and care for the other person is the most precious gift there is. Remember to do that in whatever way you can! Hope this has helped you and that you have a very merry Christmas!