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A Crossdresser’s Guide to Shaving More Efficiently

Body hair removal can be a dilemma, or even a challenge for some crossdressers, because it’s almost mandatory but also not exactly easy. Have you ever felt that no matter how often you shave, your body hair is always growing up again? Or even worse, does your legs and arms frequently happen to get red and your skin irritated in the parts that you’ve just shaved? Well, the purpose of this article is to address this issue and help you to keep your legs feminine for longer, with the less shaving side effects as possible, so make sure to check these tips if that’s your case.

1. Invest on a sharp razor

The quality of your razor will define how easy it will be for you to shave. Even though they tend to be more expensive, they are also more durable and provide a better result. Just think of that as a long term investment, and in no time shaving will be a lot easier. A sharper blade of superior quality can easily cut through the hair without damaging your skin, because they are anatomically projected to do so, but remember to put just as much strength as needed to smoothly move the razor through the areas with hair that you want to remove. There is no need to put too much strength, and doing that can end up with you cutting yourself by accident.

A Crossdresser's Guide to Shaving More Efficiently

2. Make sure to keep your skin moist

Moisturizing your skin is essential to keep it safe from harm while you remove your body hair. There are some advantages to shaving while you take a shower, and water can do a good job by itself to protect your skin, but you should use some other products in addition to it to achieve better results. For example, while you take your shower, after your skin is already wet, turn off the water and apply hair conditioner or shaving gel to the areas that you want to shave, and then proceed to remove the hair in those areas. Make sure to shave with long and steady strokes, but smoothly with not too much strength. After you finish, wash those areas and check the results. You can repeat this process until you are satisfied. After you quit your shower, apply some moisturizing cream to the areas which you’ve shaved, as an extra step to prevent irritating your skin.

A Crossdresser's Guide to Shaving More Efficiently

3. Consider waxing

If you are having too much trouble with your body hair growing at a very fast rate, waxing could solve your problem. It might hurt a bit, so be prepared, but it’s totally worth it since waxing removes the inner part of your body hair, and as a result it takes quite longer to grow back. This is also recommended in the cases in which you want to keep your legs in a feminine shape for a longer time without being able to shave constantly, so it’s useful for trips as a crossdresser or for trans people in general (In this specific case, Hormone Replacement Therapy can work together with waxing to permanently reduce the rate in which your body hair grows) and to deal with dysphoria in a long term.

A Crossdresser's Guide to Shaving More Efficiently

4. For a more drastic and permanent attitude, try laser removal

If you are openly transitioning from male to female, or just want to get rid of your body hair for once and for all, my recommendation is for you to go through the process of laser hair removal. In this case, a laser is used to burn your body hair to the root through a number of sessions, permanently damaging it, so it’s irreversible. That being said, this is recommended to trans people, but if you are genderfluid like me, or just an occasional crossdresser, I wouldn’t encourage you to do this, because you can experience a different kind of dysphoria.

A Crossdresser's Guide to Shaving More Efficiently

5. Use different razors for different purposes

Believe me, you don’t want to shave your beard with the same razor you shave your legs and arms. You can easily notice that those areas and the skin around them are different from each other, and thus, they require different types of razor. A beard razor can irritate your legs and hurt your arms, while a razor that’s specialized for legs and arms won’t do much to remove your facial hair, leaving you with a visible 5 o’clock shadow. To avoid this problem, make sure you buy both masculine and feminine razors to attend all your needs, and use the correct kind of shaving gel for each part as well, in addition to your skin care.

A Crossdresser's Guide to Shaving More Efficiently

We all know how men and women have different patterns of body hair, and hormones make ladies have much less of it than gentlemen. So, with all those tips, I hope that all of you can successfully treat your body hair to look more feminine and free your inner woman  with beautiful arms, a smooth face and charming sexy legs.